Multicolor Card Frames

caelia-faerie-queenMulticolor cards are easier to discard because they match two or more different colors. They are mainly used in expansions, but four color cards would easily be added to the main sets of Crazier Eights as well.

I have been developing the multicolor card frames, and there are two options regarding how they will look. The first option is based on the regular card frame, and the second option is based on the current wild card frame. Take a look below: Continue reading

Card Frame Update #6 (A Totally Different Option)

crazier-eights-cards2Some people insist that they still prefer my old card frames better than the new option, or suggest that updating the old card frames a bit might be the best option. I do not want to totally dismiss these options and I will do more research about them. I developed some new ideas for card frames based on the old ones and I need to know which of them people prefer. Continue reading