Card Frame Update #6 (A Totally Different Option)

crazier-eights-cards2Some people insist that they still prefer my old card frames better than the new option, or suggest that updating the old card frames a bit might be the best option. I do not want to totally dismiss these options and I will do more research about them. I developed some new ideas for card frames based on the old ones and I need to know which of them people prefer.


Option 1 is a darker option. Option 2 is a lighter version of option 1. Option 3 has a different type of shading and highlights. Option 4 is based on the original version, but it has shading and highlights.

You can let me know your preference using the poll below:

Have any other ideas for how to improve the original look? Let me know in the comments.

More polls are coming soon. I will be needing more feedback in the coming days as we finish the card frames and as I have to decide on some other details for a 2017 version of Crazier Eights: Camelot. To help give feedback, it can be a good idea to join the Crazier Eights Facebook Group.

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