Crazier Eights: One Thousand & One Nights

arabian nights cardsone thousand nights6
The One Thousand & One Nights is a future version of Crazier Eights inspired by the “Arabian Nights” stories of Shahrazad including the City of Brass, Aladdin, Ali Baba, Sinbad, and many others.

It is a stand alone game, but the cards should mix well with Crazier Eights: Camelot and other stand alone themed decks I am working on.

Take a look at some of the cards below: Continue reading

Facebook Group Giveaway #6

arabian cards2The official Crazier Eights Facebook group can be found here. This is often the best way to keep up with any updates and give me feedback regarding future versions of Crazier Eights.

One person who joins the group will get a free copy of the Crazier Eights: One Thousand & One Nights prototype. (The Arabian Nights version of Crazier Eights is a future version I am working on.)

Terms and conditions can be found here. The prize will be determined at the start of 7 April 2017. Continue reading