Omniscience Promo Card

omniscience promoThis offer has ended.

There’s an Omniscience promo card offer starting April 14th. If you buy two or more Crazier Eights games from our web store (here), you will get a bonus Omniscience promo card. This is a limited time offer and it will have to end if we run out of stock. It’s limited to one Omniscience promo card per customer.

All of our games can be found at the online Recoculous Game Shop.

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Rejected Shahrzad Cards

rejected shahrzad cards 2Part of the development process through play testing requires cards or card abilities to be changed or replaced. This can be because of the card ability in isolation or because of a concern for the overall balance of the game as a whole. The most interesting changes are when the entire concept of a card is replaced with an entirely different concept. Let’s take a look at some examples of that.

All the cards I will list here are good enough cards, and they were rejected mainly just to make room for cards that seemed more important for one reason or another.

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Updates to Olympus & Pantheon

b14 divine glamourThe final versions of the games need to be ready for the printing process, so we continued to find last minute improvements. There were improvements made a result of some last minute brainstorming, play testing, and editing. Many of the updates are to improve the wording, and some of the updates were a bit more significant.

The spoilers for Crazier Eights: Olympus & Crazier Eights: Pantheon were both updated to show the improvements. These are image galleries that show you every card in the games. Take a look using these links: