Crazier Eights is fantasy card game with excellent artwork, fun characters, and interesting card effects. One deck is enough for 2 -4 players to play the game.

Crazier Eights is somewhat inspired by Crazy Eights. (Crazy Eights is the game UNO is based on). Like Crazy Eights, the main idea is to get rid of all the cards in your hand by taking turns discarding a card of the same suit or rank as the top card of the discard pile. However, in Crazier Eights, players take turns drawing one card, discarding up to one card, and playing up to one card for an effect. Crazier Eights offers a unique deck with two types of cards that do interesting things for the game — assets and events. Events do whatever is stated on them right away and assets do whatever is stated on them as long as they are in play on the table.

The deck has the same ranks as a regular card deck, but they have unique colors and suits — red/orange (suns), purple (eyes), blue (moons), and green (ankhs).

Some examples of cards can be seen below:

camelot cards 12

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