Competitive Deck Construction

I have a new idea for competitive deck construction using Crazier Eights cards.

I discussed one idea for deck construction for Crazier Eights here. That idea is mainly to sculpt your own unique Crazier Eights deck and game using all the cards available, and the general expectation is that everyone will use the same deck when playing the game.

This new, second idea, of deck construction focuses on each player using a separate deck. You can have a lot more freedom to make your own deck given this idea:

  1. Every player has to have their own deck.

  2. Your deck will have exactly thirty cards in it.

  3. Your deck can’t have more than three of a specific card in it.

  4. Every card in your deck has one of two colors. For example, every card can be red and purple.

  5. Multicolored cards in your deck can also only have those two colors. No card that’s included can have more than two colors.

Every player plays using their own deck. When you play the game, each player has their own draw pile, and discard pile. When you discard a card, it goes onto your own discard pile and it has to have the same rank or color as the top card of your discard pile, unless it is an eight. When you play an event, it goes to the bottom of your discard pile. If you draw a card, draw a card from your own draw pile. And so on.

You only interact with your own draw pile and discard pile unless a card ability clearly has an effect on another player’s cards. If you put an opponent’s card in your hand, make sure to remember it’s not your card. If you have any of an opponent’s cards when the game is over, give them back.

The best way to make these competitive decks is to own three copies of each Crazier Eights game for the option to have three of the same card as well as a bigger pool of cards to choose from when making your deck.

-James Gray

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