What is Crazier Eights: Arcadia?

arcadia7 smHades, Helen of Troy, Amazon warriors, and many other characters from Greek mythology come to life with Crazier Eights: Arcadia!

We have been working on Crazier Eights: Arcadia since April 2020. There is no expectation for a release date at this time.

We usually released two new Crazier Eights games together with a main game and a smaller “expandalone.” Next time, we might be able to release Crazier Eights: Elysium & Crazier Eights Arcadia at the same time. They both continue the Greek Mythology theme started with Crazier Eights: Olympus. Continue reading

Winston Draft

winston draft sm2The main idea of drafting a card game is to let everyone make their own deck using a shared pool of cards. The cards are chosen and divided by the players. Each player ends up having their own card pool using cards they chose. They can make their own deck of cards with cards from their own card pool.

Drafting is most popular with six to eight players, but it is also possible to have a two player draft using a Winston Draft, which was originally developed by Richard Garfield for Magic: the Gathering, as can be seen here. Continue reading