What is Crazier Eights: Arcadia?

arcadia7 smHades, Helen of Troy, Amazon warriors, and many other characters from Greek mythology come to life with Crazier Eights: Arcadia!

We have been working on Crazier Eights: Arcadia since April 2020. There is no expectation for a release date at this time.

We usually released two new Crazier Eights games together with a main game and a smaller “expandalone.” Next time, we might be able to release Crazier Eights: Elysium & Crazier Eights Arcadia at the same time. They both continue the Greek Mythology theme started with Crazier Eights: Olympus.

Engine Building

Crazier Eights Elysium & Crazier Eights: Arcadia both have a focus on engine building — Many of the cards with synergize well. You can see some of the cards that work well together below.


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