Drafting Crazier Eights

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The main idea of drafting a card game is to let everyone make their own deck using a shared pool of cards. Each player chooses what cards they want from the card pool in a particular way.

Drafting a card game became popular with Magic: the Gathering. One popular way to draft the cards is called a Cube Draft. A cube is a pile of cards selected specifically to use to have draft events.

One of every Crazier Eights game released in 2017 or after is enough cards for six players: Crazier Eights: Camelot, Crazier Eights: Avalon, Crazier Eights: One Thousand & One Nights, Crazier Eights: Shahrzad, Crazier Eights: Olympus, and Crazier Eights: Pantheon.

Two of all these games is enough cards for up to ten people to draft.

How to Draft

Before you play against any opponents, players draft a pool of cards. At least four people are needed for a draft event.

1. Each player sits in a circle, and they get 42 random face-down cards. Each player uses them to make three piles of 14 random cards.

2. Each player picks up and looks at the first pile, selects a card to be added to their card pool, and keeps it face down in a separate pile for chosen cards. Then they pass the remaining cards of the first pile to the player to their left. Continue this process until there are zero cards left in the first pile. (Try to pick cards from the same one or two colors.)

3. Open the second pile and continue the process from step #2 other than that players pass to their right.

4. Open the third pile and continue the process from step #2, going left again.

Making Your Deck

Each player must choose one or two colors. Each player uses their pool of 42 cards to make a 30-card deck, and every card must have at least one of those two colors. For example, if you choose red and green, then all the cards in your deck must have red or green. Multicolor cards that have red or green are also allowed, even if they are red and blue, etc.

Playing with a Unique Deck

Either everyone plays a multiplayer game using their own deck, or use tournament rules (with multiple rounds and each player gets one opponent at a time).

Each player uses their own deck. Each player has their own draw pile, and discard pile. When you discard a card, it goes onto your own discard pile and it has to have the same rank or color as the top card of your discard pile, unless it is an eight. When you play an event, it goes to the bottom of your discard pile. If you draw a card, draw a card from your own draw pile. And so on.

You only interact with your own draw pile and discard pile unless a card ability clearly has an effect on another player’s cards. If you put an opponent’s card in your hand, make sure to remember it’s not your card. If you have any of an opponent’s cards when the game is over, give them back.

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