Card Frame Update #10: Poll Results

regular-vs-jumboI posted quite a few polls recently regarding the card layout & card frames because I wanted to finish up the new look for the game. I recently converted multiple sets of Crazier Eights including Camelot and the jumbo version of Camelot because I need to have them printed to show them off at DunDraCon.

What were the poll results?

Multicolor cards

I considered the following two options for multicolored cards based on the regular and wild card frames.


The first option one. The website poll was 3-1 in favor of the colorful ribbon for Multicolored cards. Other polls on Facebook added to 9-5 in favor of it. I might look into some other options, though.


Wild card color scheme

I was wondering if the wild cards should have a brown title area.


The first option won.


Regular card frames

I was considering which card frame should be used for the regular and multicolored cards. The first option won for regular cards.


The first option won. The website didn’t get a lot of votes, but a Facebook poll had the first option win by 5 to 1.

Title font

I was considering different fonts that could be used for different parts of the card.


The title font is probably the most important and proved to be more controversial than I expected. On the website it was nearly unanimous — Optimus Princeps won by 7 to 1.


However, on Facebook people preferred Ar Julian by far. In one poll 50 voted for Ar Julian and only 18 voted for Optimus Princeps. I think the reason is that the images are smaller on Facebook and people preferred the font they could read better. I decided to side with Ar Julian both because it got more votes overall and because being easier to read can be important (even if mainly at a distance).

Text font

Here were the options:


Gentium book won. Artifika won some polls including the one on this website, but a lot of people voted in one poll for Gentium book (20 for Gentium book vs 11 for Artifika).


Rank font

Here were the options:


Ar Julian won. This time it won by quite a bit: 6 to 1 on the website and 14 to 4 on this Facebook poll.


Another card frame option

my-new-optionsI am considering using card frames that are more like the originals and I had a poll regarding these four options. I can use more feedback on this still. Go here to take a look.

Want to help give feedback in the future? There will likely be more polls in the future, and the Crazier Eights Facebook group is the best way to give feedback.

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