Rejected Olympus Cards

rejected olympus cardsCrazier Eights: Olympus is good because it has been play tested and updated for almost four years.

You can see the (almost) final version of all the cards here.

Many updates required that cards either get replaced or that their abilities be changed.

A look at some of the rejected cards can give you a glimpse into the history of the game development process.

Let’s take a look at some of these changes.

love spell july 2016pan october 2017

Love Spell (July 2016)

I think the main problem with this card was just that it was a bit complex and would raise rules issues. At the same time it makes a lot of sense based on what the card is supposed to represent. Two lovers will stick together.

Pan (October 2016)

Pan is in the final version of the game. There are two important points I would like to make about this older version: One, he is a king (“K”) rather than an Ace because there were more gods in the set originally. That caused some problems.

Two, the main ability was actually very similar way back then. However, the drawback of drawing a card was different. I don’t have a problem with having that type of drawback and might use it in the future, but it didn’t fit with the set overall. An early version of the game was also too slow. Sometimes playing the game lasted a couple of hours. Drawing cards slowed it down.

medusa october 2016transform to pig april 2017

Medusa (October 2016)

Perhaps the main issue with this version of Medusa is that she should be more impressive. I hope to get her in a version of Crazier Eights eventually.

Transform into Pig (April 2017)

Transform to Pig was one of my first attempts to have some cards attach to assets. The main issue is that it is a little bit wordy and can lead to some rules issues. I might try something like this out in a future version of the game.

riddling sphinx april 2017reunite july 2017

Riddling Sphinx (April 2017)

I really like this idea for Riddling Sphinx. It is very on theme with the story. She had a riddle, and everyone with a wrong answer got killed. I just decided it didn’t really fit into the Olympus game. I hope to introduce it to a future Crazier Eights game.

Reunite (July 2017)

I really like the idea of the Reunite card. The goddess Demeter was looking for her daughter, Persephone, who was kidnapped and taken to the Underworld by Hades. The art of this card depicts Demeter being reunited with Persephone.

I like the idea of this card. The problem is the ability is not useful enough in Olympus. The theme and ability of this card makes sense, but it will not be useful unless a lot of assets are being taken by opponents.


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