Crazier Eights: Olympus Spoiler (Updated 4-2-20)

olympus13 groupCrazier Eights: Olympus will be the next Crazier Eights game with a Greek mythology theme. I hope to start a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign for it in February 2020, and the release date is July 31, 2020. More information.

The spoiler was “complete” on 1-27-2020. It was updated 2-18-2020, 3-20-2020, 3-23-2020, 3-29-2020, 4/1/2020, and 4/2/2020.

All of the cards from the set are shown below.

b1 artemisb02 remorseful insightb03 escape the underworldb04 divine goldb05 enchanting mermaidb06 divine treasureb07 thunderboltb08 underworldb09 trojan horse2b10 abductionb11 journey to hadesb12 circe2b13 polyphemusg01 pang02 musingg03 sapphos songg04 faun musiciang05 expeditiong01 pang02 musingg03 sapphos songg04 faun musiciang05 expeditiong06 dryad of gaiag07 wrath of poseidong08 song of orpheusg09 captivating centaurg10 ambrosiag11 garden of hesperidesg12 eurydiceg13 orpheusp01 hecatep02 discerning insightp03 ponderp04 arcane researchp05 arcane insightp06 eccentric enchantressp07 destinyp08 atlantisp09 divine insightp10 oracle of delphi2p11 athenas wisdomp12 medeap13 oedipusr01 zeusr02 pegasusr03 calliopes blessing2r04 volcanic eruptionr05 divine punishmentr06 song of apollor07 troyr08 mount olympusr09 reinforcementsr10 achillesr11 zeuss wrathr12 andromedar13 perseus0 olympus rules0 olympus rules2b

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