What is Advanced Crazier Eights? (Updated 6/28/14)

titania2Update (7/20/15): Advanced Crazier Eights is now known as the Second Edition. Go here to see the spoiler.

Advanced Crazier Eights is one of the versions of Crazier Eights that I have been working on. Advanced Crazier Eights is very similar to the regular version of the game, and has some of the same cards as the regular version. However, the regular version of the game has thirteen different cards in four different colors. Advanced Crazier Eights has fifty two unique cards, and it has a somewhat higher difficulty level because there is a greater variety of card effects. Some of the card effects add new elements to the game. Players who thirst for variety and complexity will likely prefer the advanced version of the game.

advanced crazier

One reason I am releasing the regular version first is because many people prefer less complexity (at least when they first start learning the game).

One reason you might want to know a little about the advanced version of the game is because one of the stretch goals for the Crazier Eights Kickstarter will give you access to the advanced version of the game. (Keep in mind that the final Advanced version of the game could change from whatever I make available on Kickstarter now.) The stretch goals are the following:

250 likes on Facebook — I will make a spoiler for Advanced Crazier Eights, which has fifty two unique cards (some of which are also in the regular version of the game).

I will show five different cards that will be in Advanced Crazier Eights for every twenty five likes on the Crazier Eights Facebook page, and all the cards will be shown after getting five hundred likes.

Go here to see the Crazier Eights Facebook page. It’s a good place to keep in touch and let me know what you preferences are concerning various issues.

Go here to see five more cards from Advanced Crazier Eights.

$10,000 — I will make the print and play Advanced Crazier Eights game available. Every reward level will have access to the print and play version of the Advanced Crazier Eights prototype and it will be available as an add on.

I will consider adding more stretch goals after the first stretch goals are achieved.

Most of the money made beyond the main goal will be used to manufacture more copies of the game. (I have to account for shipping costs and other fees as well.) A larger print run is often more economical, but can require quite a bit of money up front.

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