Advanced Crazier Eights Spoiler

y8 armageddonUpdate (7/21/15): The Advanced version is now going to be the Second Edition. You can see the spoiler here.

Advanced Crazier Eights is related to various stretch goals on the Crazier Eights Kickstarter Campaign. Here are eight cards from the Advanced Crazier Eights prototype. Three of them were already shown, and five of them are here because there’s now 30 likes on the Crazier Eights Facebook page, and five will be shown for every 25 likes on the Facebook fan page. (That’s a good place to keep in touch and let me know what your preferences are.) Advanced Crazier Eights uses the same rules as the regular version of the game, but some cards introduce new elements, and all fifty two card in the set are unique. All the cards in the First Edition and Second Edition of the game are included. Note (9/13/14): This is a prototype, and the cards in the final version could be different. There is a new offer to get a spoiler for Advanced Crazier Eights, which can be found here. y1 angel of hope y8 armageddon b3 wizards palace g13 pan r11 falling stars b7 inspiration r1 devious dragon g12 titania

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