Crazier Eights: Second Edition Spoiler (Updated 8/2/15)

25 titania(9/19/15 Update) Note: This spoiler is out of date. The Second Edition will now be Crazier Eights: Camelot. See the spoiler here.

The First Edition of Crazier eights had thirteen unique cards, and each of them appeared in all four colors. The Second Edition of Crazier Eights has fifty two unique cards. Every card in the set has a different effect, and the increase in variety comes with an even greater number of interesting card interactions. The rules are the same as the First Edition, but some additional rules clarifications will also be available. (Note that this spoiler is of a prototype of the game, so the appearance and cards could change.)

01 angel of hope 02 strength in numbers 03 guardian angel 04 trade 05 castle 06 pleasant memories 07 guardian valkyrie 08 lancelot 09 restoration 10 armageddon 11 holy grail 12 queen guenevere2 13 king arthur 14 fountain of youth 15 stream of life16 ferocity 17 elven princess 18 tempest19 allosaurus 20 potion of vitality 21 elven ritual22 worldly wisdom 23 wood elf 24 tempest25 titania 26 oberon 27 devious dragon28 thin ice 29 malevolent minions 30 hidden gold31 death 32 raise dead 33 forbidden knowledge34 bewitch 35 sleep 36 treasure37 falling stars 38 lilith 39 alexander the great40 mirror universe 41 crystal palace 42 lighthouse43 study 44 research 46 sorceress47 crystal ball 45 visionary dream 48 fortune teller49 revolution 50 timeshift 51 morgan le fay52 merlin

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