Can we get 100 follows on Facebook?

advanced assets

See the cards above? Those are cards in the Advanced Crazier Eights prototype. If we can get 100 follows on the official Crazier Eights Facebook page within the next five days, then I will make a spoiler for the Advanced Crazier Eights prototype. The Advanced version has 54 different cards — every card has a different effect on the game (and the colors don’t have the same cards). That’s different from the First Edition, which has thirteen different cards, and each of the four colors has the same cards.

The final day of this offer will be Thursday 9-18-2014.

I made a spoiler and print & play available for the Second Edition of Crazier Eights because I got 50 likes on Facebook. Now I am making an offer to get the spoiler for Advanced Crazier Eights.

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