Crazier Eights: Alternate Edition Spoiler (Updated 12/29/14)

new look second edition assetsThe Second Edition uses the same rules as the First Edition, but all the cards included are different.

Go here to check out a spoiler of the First Edition.

Note that the cards seen below are based on a prototype, and the final version could be somewhat different.

sleep green sleep purple sleep orange sleep blue 13 sorceress purple 13 sorceress orange 13 sorceress green 13 sorceress blue 11 worldly wisdom purple 11 worldly wisdom 11 worldly wisdom green 11 worldly wisdom blue 10 wood elf purple 10 wood elf orange 10 wood elf green10 wood elf blue 09 treasure blue 09 treasure green 09 treasure orange 09 treasure purple 08 bewitch purple 08 bewitch orange 08 bewitch green 08 bewitch blue raise dead purple raise dead blue raise dead green raise dead orange 06 allosaurus purple 06 allosaurus orange 06 allosuarus green 06 allosaurus blue 05 ferocity purple 05 ferocity orange 05 ferocity green 05 ferocity blue 04 study purple 04 study orange 04 study green 04 study blue 03 thin ice purple 03 thin ice orange 03 thin ice green 03 thin ice blue 02 strength in numbers orange 02 strength in numbers purple  02 strength in numbers green 02 strength in numbers blue 01 fountain of youth purple 01 fountain of youth orange 01 fountain of youth green 01 fountain of youth blue

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