Omniscience Promo Card

omniscience promoThis offer has ended.

There’s an Omniscience promo card offer starting April 14th. If you buy two or more Crazier Eights games from our web store (here), you will get a bonus Omniscience promo card. This is a limited time offer and it will have to end if we run out of stock. It’s limited to one Omniscience promo card per customer.

All of our games can be found at the online Recoculous Game Shop.

We are working at home to fulfill orders. Continue reading

Ideas for Stretch Goal Promo Rewards

apocalypseI said that if the Crazier Eights Kickstarter Campaign gets overfunded (by reaching $6,000) that I would include some new promo cards with each copy of the game (at least the copies that are made from the Kickstarter funding). I haven’t decided what they should be yet, but I thought of some new ideas. I am thinking that three new cards would be included. Let me know what you think. Continue reading

Kickstarter Promo Card

omniscience3My friend Mark Tang tells me that Kickstarter exclusives might help the Crazier Eights Kickstarter campaign succeed, and I have read that it would be a good idea elsewhere as well. For example, Jamey Stegmaier said, “Price is important (as are many other factors on Kickstarter, including the project creator), but I’ve learned that one of the most compelling reasons that people support Kickstarter projects is exclusive content.”

After giving it some thought, I think I finally thought of a good exclusive promo for Kickstarter: Continue reading