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omniscience3My friend Mark Tang tells me that Kickstarter exclusives might help the Crazier Eights Kickstarter campaign succeed, and I have read that it would be a good idea elsewhere as well. For example, Jamey Stegmaier said, “Price is important (as are many other factors on Kickstarter, including the project creator), but I’ve learned that one of the most compelling reasons that people support Kickstarter projects is exclusive content.”

After giving it some thought, I think I finally thought of a good exclusive promo for Kickstarter:


What does being every color mean? It means you could discard it no matter what. If the top card of the discard pile is green, you can discard Omniscience. If it is red, you can still discard it, etc. Also, it means if you discard Omniscience, any card can be discarded afterward.

Omniscience is pretty epic, but I am pretty sure that it isn’t so unbalanced as to break the game. I will playtest it as soon as I get the chance.

Everyone who gets a Kickstarter copy of Crazier Eights will get this card. Additionally, I reserve the right to include this card along with promotional decks of Crazier Eights, other promotions, and all the first Crazier Eights decks that get manufactured along with the Kickstarter product (up to 600 additional decks). If I give this promo card out after the Kickstarter Campaign has ended for a future promotion, then it will not be used for two years and not unless it has alternate art. This card will not be ordinarily included with Advanced Crazier Eights or any other sequels.

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6 thoughts on “Kickstarter Promo Card

  1. I appreciate you linking to my article about exclusive content, but I should note that later down in the article I said, “Don’t include any gameplay or content exclusives; instead, include a smattering of component upgrades and specials.” (In fact, in a future post after my experience with Euphoria, I recommended that creators don’t make anything truly exclusive.)

    Granted, I don’t think 1 exclusive promo card will hurt the long-term viability of your product. But I would recommend just calling it a “promo card” instead of a “Kickstarter exclusive promo card.” That gives you the flexibility to produce it in other ways in the future as long as you keep your backers’ best interests at heart.

  2. Promo Cards are awesome… Exclusive KS Contents are sometimes disappointing (for those that does not get them).

    • I think that is partly why Jamey suggested that I reserve the right to reprint the promo at some point. I think having alternate art for any possible future printing will help give Kickstarter backers some incentive without making it impossible to use the promo card at some point for those who miss out.

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