Stretch Goal Promo Cards (Updated)

stretch goal promo cardsIf the Crazier Eights Kickstarter campaign reaches $6000, then the following three cards will be made for every physical copy of Crazier Eights made from the Kickstarter campaign:

stretch goal promo cards

Keep in minds that these cards are prototypes, so the final version of the cards could be somewhat different.

These promos were selected from six different cards I thought of a while back. Go here to see them all.

Ideas for Stretch Goal Promo Rewards

apocalypseI said that if the Crazier Eights Kickstarter Campaign gets overfunded (by reaching $6,000) that I would include some new promo cards with each copy of the game (at least the copies that are made from the Kickstarter funding). I haven’t decided what they should be yet, but I thought of some new ideas. I am thinking that three new cards would be included. Let me know what you think. Continue reading