Stretch Goal Promo Cards (Updated)

stretch goal promo cardsIf the Crazier Eights Kickstarter campaign reaches $6000, then the following three cards will be made for every physical copy of Crazier Eights made from the Kickstarter campaign:

stretch goal promo cards

Keep in minds that these cards are prototypes, so the final version of the cards could be somewhat different.

These promos were selected from six different cards I thought of a while back. Go here to see them all.

Kickstarter Video

We filmed the Kickstarter video, but it will take time to edit it. The video might be ready next Thursday, but my Kickstarter project will then need to be officially reviewed. I am hoping to start the kickstarter campaign before June 3.

The Kickstarter video was filmed by a professional — and I would like to give a special thanks to my friend Armin Kraemer for making the Kickstarter video. You can check out some of his videos made for various companies here and his photo gallery can be found here.

You can find a preview of my kickstarter project here.

Kickstarter Challenges

One challenge I have already faced with Kickstarter is that you need to get an account with Amazon Payments, get your identity verified, and get a bank account verified.

I got the fictional name “Recoculous” to use for my business and I decided to get a checking account for it with Amazon Payments. Well, that meant that I needed to have my taxes done using that name to verify my tax information and identity, which ended up being harder than I expected (because I never did taxes using that name).

Now I have submitted my checking account information, but they need a  bank statement. Who knows when I will get that? Might take forever to get all this worked out.

I was hoping to get the Kickstarter project going this week, but I don’t really know when all this will get worked out. (I’m hoping to find a way to get it started by next week.) If you want to start your own Kickstarter project and have a date in mind, you need to make sure to get all these things worked out first a lot sooner than you might think.

Update: Amazon Payments said to try using my personal checking account and that I could change it to my business checking account at a later point in time. That didn’t take long, so my Amazon Payments account is now considered to be complete.

You can find a preview of my kickstarter project here.

Kickstarter Options

I plan on trying out kickstarter to see if I can fund manufacturing Crazier Eights, and there are different options. I will make sure that people who pledge enough money get the product, but there are still some interesting options:

  1. I could manufacture the game with a major manufacturer (such as admagic) and mass produce the game, but it could take 3-4 months for people to get the product, I would have to convert the images to CMYK, and I would have to mail everyone the product on my own. The motivation for using this option is that the costs are lower, so I could make sure people who pledge $19 get the item (a 52 card deck), and higher quantities would come at a discount.
  2. I could manufacture the game with The Gamecrafter (a print on demand company), but the product would be more expensive. On the bright side everyone could get the product in two or three weeks, no color conversion would be necessary, and they have a bulk order fulfillment program that would save me a lot of time (and money). I could make sure anyone who pledge $24 get one copy of the item (a 52 card deck), and higher quantities would come at a discount.
  3. I could manufacture the game with The Gamecrafter and make sure anyone who pledges $29 gets one copy of the item, and twice as many cards would be included in every box (104 cards), which is enough for a six player game.

Even if the game is manufactured with The Gamecrafter, I hope to do a second print run with a company like AdMagic. That would likely require sufficient funding, though.

Edit: Looks like the Gamecrafter also offers free promotion for the game if you use them. More information on Gamecrafter Crowdfunding can be found here.

Which of these three options would you prefer?