Kickstarter Challenges

One challenge I have already faced with Kickstarter is that you need to get an account with Amazon Payments, get your identity verified, and get a bank account verified.

I got the fictional name “Recoculous” to use for my business and I decided to get a checking account for it with Amazon Payments. Well, that meant that I needed to have my taxes done using that name to verify my tax information and identity, which ended up being harder than I expected (because I never did taxes using that name).

Now I have submitted my checking account information, but they need a  bank statement. Who knows when I will get that? Might take forever to get all this worked out.

I was hoping to get the Kickstarter project going this week, but I don’t really know when all this will get worked out. (I’m hoping to find a way to get it started by next week.) If you want to start your own Kickstarter project and have a date in mind, you need to make sure to get all these things worked out first a lot sooner than you might think.

Update: Amazon Payments said to try using my personal checking account and that I could change it to my business checking account at a later point in time. That didn’t take long, so my Amazon Payments account is now considered to be complete.

You can find a preview of my kickstarter project here.

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