Accessing Kickstarter Funds — The 14 Day Window

One frustrating thing Kickstarter doesn’t make very clear is that you don’t have access to the money of your successful Kickstarter campaign for 14 days after it ends. It says something about it right when you accept their terms and conditions to start the campaign. Well, you are supposed to say when rewards are given out before that, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some rewards are given late because of somewhat unexpected days like that. Continue reading

Kickstarter Challenges

One challenge I have already faced with Kickstarter is that you need to get an account with Amazon Payments, get your identity verified, and get a bank account verified.

I got the fictional name “Recoculous” to use for my business and I decided to get a checking account for it with Amazon Payments. Well, that meant that I needed to have my taxes done using that name to verify my tax information and identity, which ended up being harder than I expected (because I never did taxes using that name).

Now I have submitted my checking account information, but they need a  bank statement. Who knows when I will get that? Might take forever to get all this worked out.

I was hoping to get the Kickstarter project going this week, but I don’t really know when all this will get worked out. (I’m hoping to find a way to get it started by next week.) If you want to start your own Kickstarter project and have a date in mind, you need to make sure to get all these things worked out first a lot sooner than you might think.

Update: Amazon Payments said to try using my personal checking account and that I could change it to my business checking account at a later point in time. That didn’t take long, so my Amazon Payments account is now considered to be complete.

You can find a preview of my kickstarter project here.