Rejected Shahrzad Cards

rejected shahrzad cards 2Part of the development process through play testing requires cards or card abilities to be changed or replaced. This can be because of the card ability in isolation or because of a concern for the overall balance of the game as a whole. The most interesting changes are when the entire concept of a card is replaced with an entirely different concept. Let’s take a look at some examples of that.

All the cards I will list here are good enough cards, and they were rejected mainly just to make room for cards that seemed more important for one reason or another.

rejected shahrzad cards 2

Ravenous Rukh

The Ravenous Rukh is one of the giant birds known for eating elephants found in the One Thousand & One Nights, such as in in the second and fifth voyage of Sinbad the Sailor. The ability to destroy assets is based on its enormous strength and tendency to want to eat people and tendency to destroy things.

Palace Guard

The Palace Guard’s card ability is to protect assets from destruction, which represents their job and skill at protecting people.

rejected shahrzad cards

Religious Conversion

Religious Conversion represents the change of religion, and the change of allegiance that represents. Whoever changes their religion will join you because you will represent the alliance between many who share the same religion.

Vantage Point

Vantage Point was also in consideration for the One Thousand & One Nights game and I discussed it here.

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