Rejected 1001 Nights Cards

rejectedThere are a lot of cards that didn’t make the cut for the final version of Crazier Eights: One Thousand & One Nights. Playtesting and brainstorming both can motivate the need for new cards to replace the old, and other updates. Some of these cards are really perfectly good and interesting, but they might not have been needed for one reason or another. Let’s take a look at some of these cards:



divinityDivinity is an interesting and powerful card. I think I was considering using it for the third Crazier Eights set I worked on before I was even working on One Thousand & One Nights. The main problem was that it wasn’t really part of the Arabian Nights theme. This isn’t something in the stories.


Uprising is a fun card and I will likely have this card in a future set. Again, the main problem was that this does not happen in the Arabian Nights stories as told by Shahrzad. It’s a bit off flavor in that sense.

uprisingpalace guard

Palace Guard

I really like Palace Guard, and there are multiple versions of this card that I worked on over the years. It’s on theme as well. The main problem was that I needed more cards to speed the game up by giving you the power to discard more cards, and this card seemed like something that could be replaced. It wasn’t an essential power.

Vantage Point

I like the idea of Vantage Point, but the card caused some difficulty with rules interpretation and it wasn’t a particularly strong card. I might find a way to have this type of power eventually. Additionally, there is a Jinn in the set that gives you the power to play the top card of the draw pile in a more interesting way without the rules issues.

r05 vantage pointr05 haggle


Haggle was one of the last cards replaced, and it is a perfectly good card that’s on theme, powerful, and interesting. The main issue was just that I needed more cards to speed the game up by giving you additional discards, and other cards took priority. If I ever make another expansion based on the One Thousand & One Nights, it might make the cut for that set.

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