2019 FAQ Update

The rules FAQ has been updated with the following:

26. Can you use Mirror Universe when you control zero assets?

Yes. The opponent will gain control of all of your assets (zero) and you simultaneously gain control all of the opponent’s assets. You may also play Mirror Universe on an opponent who controls zero assets.

27. What happens when Ja’far plays the ability of a split card?

You have to choose which side’s ability you want to play.

28. Can Crystal Palace cause you to draw negative cards?


29. Can you ever lose additional discards?

Yes. For example, if you destroy all assets when Stream of Life or Oasis is in play, you will lose your additional discard. However, you can discard before you play a card from your hand to avoid this situation.

30. Can you ever discard cards during an opponent’s turn?


31. Are assets face up or face down?

They are face up.

If you have any further questions about the rules, please let me know.

  • The complete FAQ can  be found here.
  • All the Crazier Eights rules can be found here.

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