New Card Frames Development

camelot-cards4I am working with an artist, Amit Ghadge from Crimson Studios, to develop a new look for Crazier Eights. That is a bigger undertaking than it might sound. I not only need cards of different colors and multicolored cards, but I want Wild Cards to look different, split cards, and jumbo versions of those cards. It is taking a lot longer than expected and will hopefully end up somewhat affordable. People voted for a certain card frame based on a sketch, and we now have the final version of the card:


And here is the wild card:


One of the  more difficult things is deciding what the cards should look like when they are each based on a color. Here are two options of a purple card so far:

I want the circular area to also have the card’s color, and I am thinking the title area might also be better with the card’s color. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “New Card Frames Development

  1. having the two tones looks a bit washed out. perhaps use teh same color in and outside border, but separate with a white or black line (depending on brightness of the color)

    • We did try having almost the same color in and out of the border, but people voted for a darker border. They are separated a bit as well. You can go here to see what I am talking about to some extent.

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