Card frame options (Updated 11/22/16)

camelot-cards4I am going to pay someone to make new card frames for Crazier Eights before I re-launch the Kickstarter for Crazier Eights: Camelot. There are two artists who currently have an interest in making card frames for Crazier Eights, and I paid them to sketch some ideas. I want your feedback for which option you prefer. Take a look below.


Note that the card frames will be changed a bit for the final version. For example, option 2’s card type box shouldn’t cover the image that much. Note that option 3 has two different areas for the rank & suit in the upper area.

Poll results (11/22/16, 12:30 PM)

Option 1 won by one vote!


You can continue to use the poll, but the results will no longer have an effect on the card frame that will be used:

Also feel free to give more nuanced feedback in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Card frame options (Updated 11/22/16)

  1. Like option 3 but think the ribbon should be dropped slightly to touching text box. Option 1 would change the whole enviroment. 2 needs color work, to me it looses theme of game. Just my view: the left card in top right corner was reason I was awed. That photoiluninesent (?) effect like sunglasses was the draw without even reading a word of campaign, hope you plan to keep that. So happy to see your working to relist.

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