Avalon, a new expansion

caelia-faerie-queen3Update (6/19/17): See the card images here.

I finished a rough draft Avalon, a new 15-16 card expansion, based on the King Arthur stories. It is specifically made with Crazier Eights: Camelot in mind, but could be mixed with any version of Crazier Eights to have larger variety of cards. An expansion also increases the number of players the game handles by one, so Crazier Eights with the expansion mixed in is enough cards for five people to play the game.

It will have:

  • At least one four colored card, a new card that represents Avalon.
  • Six two colored cards (every combination)
  • Eight mono colored cards (two of each color)

Avalon will feature three more Knights of the Round table and some lesser known characters from the King Arthur stories, such as Caelia, the Fairy Queen. Here are two of the cards from the expansion:


The two colored cards are a new addition to the game beyond what the regular version comes with. The cards also feature new and interesting card abilities.

Sir Bedivere’s current ability is similar to Lancelot’s, but he is more friendly and will even save the opponent’s assets from being destroyed.

Caelia’s current ability is powerful, but I do not think it will be too powerful.


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