Should you start with eight cards?

g08 devious dragon

You currently start with seven cards in hand. That’s the standard way of playing the original Crazy Eights game, and the original Crazier Eights game was also released in 2014 with that rule.

Changing the rule goes against the tradition of the real Crazy Eights game and the official rules I already posted for the game in the past. Videos posted in the past would be outdated as well.

However, some have suggested starting with eight cards would be better. The game is called Crazier Eights, and the idea of starting with eight cards has an aesthetic appeal. It could slow the game down a tad , so I could look into speeding it up a little more.

This idea is also supported by Mark Rosewater’s lessons of game design (lesson 2). Numbers can have an aesthetic appeal. Rosewater tells us he got the most complaints for a card that you pay eight for, but is a 7/7 that helps you draw seven cards. He concludes:

Failure to satisfy aesthetics makes players feel ill at ease, distracts them from focusing on your game, and makes them pay attention to what your game isn’t instead of what it is. Aesthetics aren’t just a decorative issue. They affect how your players perceive your game. So not only shouldn’t you fight human behavior, you also shouldn’t fight human perception.

What do you think? Let me know in the poll below, and more nuanced feedback can be given in the comments:

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