Crazier Eights: Avalon Spoiler (Updated 7/10/2017)

avalon cardsI have been working on an expansion for Crazier Eights: Camelot — Avalon. It will be 33 new cards that can be played by two players, or shuffled into the Camelot deck. It makes it so at least two more people can pay the Camelot game (six instead of four). If it is large enough, it will also be enough cards for a two or three player game.

Here are the cards:

01 avalon02 bg rage03 pb dungeon quest04 pg elven sorceress0 m rp sir bedivere206 rg sir percival0 rb journey to oblivion

13 m rp tintagel12 m rg red rose knight09 m pb black magic208 m bg hill giant10 m pg queen caelia0 m rb send to nowhereb11 deadly strikeb12 treasure chestb13 love potionb14 betrayalb15 king claudasg11 stone trollg12 green knightg13 adventure2g14 primal furyg15 grail questp11 lost in thoughtp12 arcane wisdomp13 contemplationp14 round tablep15 spellcraftr11 isolde2r12 sir tristanr13 excalliburr14 just causer15 sword in the stone3

Promo card

05 corbenic castle3

Rules card

00 avalon rules00 rules2

You may pre-order Crazier Eights: Avalon here.


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