What is Crazier Eights?

front and back2Crazier Eights is a card game that I developed that has a fantasy theme, uses colorful cards, has many interesting card abilities, and features excellent artwork. It is actually more of a game system and multiple versions of the game have already been made for my personal use. The game is loosely based on Crazy Eights, a game using regular playing cards. In Crazy Eights, players take turns discarding cards and the player who has zero cards in hand wins. UNO is based on Crazy Eights. Continue reading

Introduction to Crazier Eights

I am finishing a card game I call Crazier Eights that I hope to self-publish. The website now has an About page that has a short description of the game. I am not yet decided on what the card back will look like. Some options are the following:

back options

I am leaning towards the one on the right (the face mask), but the logo/font might be changed.

If you have a preference or think you can offer a better option, you can let me know. You can also let me know if you have a preference for the logo/font.