Introduction to Crazier Eights

I am finishing a card game I call Crazier Eights that I hope to self-publish. The website now has an About page that has a short description of the game. I am not yet decided on what the card back will look like. Some options are the following:

back options

I am leaning towards the one on the right (the face mask), but the logo/font might be changed.

If you have a preference or think you can offer a better option, you can let me know. You can also let me know if you have a preference for the logo/font.

4 thoughts on “Introduction to Crazier Eights

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  2. Hey there.
    My vote goes to the Crazy Mask…’ed… one… *ahem*- as the image makes it look like a different card game, not “normal” Playing Cards.

    So, even thought the game is planned on Crazy Eights (which has virtually no story), do you have any story planned? A pitch bible about the world the cards are meant to represent or even a path to follow? I ask that because when playing a CCG/TCG or even a Card Game in general, people like to think they’re part of the world the cards are representing, be it for Trainers in Pokemon TCG, Planeswalkers in MTG or even self-named tyrants in War Cards. Feeling like we HELP the characters rather than making them “cool mindslaved pics that do stuff” is what drives us away, deep into the game, making us daydream of siding with Jace and Chandra to defeat the evil Dominarian creatures or boasting to Doctor Oak about how awesome our Pokedex looks.

    Anyway, i am really positive about your work and i’m pretty sure you will do a great job.
    See ya!

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