2020 Release Promo

release promo cardsOrders of Crazier Eights: Olympus & Crazier Eights: Pantheon will come with this Pyramids of Giza promo card in addition to the other promo cards we are offering. This offer applies to pre-orders and orders in August and September while supplies last.

The August and September promo cards can also be used in future promotional offers.

Each order of Olympus or Pantheon will come with three different promo cards for the rest of this month.

You can buy the games at our online store at recoculousshop.square.site.

All the summer promo cards are listed below.

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Newsletter Giveaway 17

1001 nights35The Monthly Newsletter is a great way to stay informed about the development, news, and new versions of Crazier Eights. Go here to join the newsletter.

There will be two winners:

  • One winner will get Crazier Eights: One Thousand & One Nights. They will be selected from people who are subscribed to the Crazier Eights newsletter & leave a comment on the linked Facebook post. One additional prize will be added for each relevant post with over 20 comments.
  • One winner will get a jumbo copy of Crazier Eights: One Thousand & One Nights, and will be selected from everyone subscribed to the Crazier Eights newsletter.

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