DoFine Games Review

b2efc11a-c8e5-4dc9-b07c-60c1c414ac24I worked with DoFine Games to manufacture Crazier Eights: Camelot & Avalon. I recommend using them, and they have been the best manufacturer I have dealt with based on my interests.

What was good

  • The prices were affordable.
  • The quality was excellent. I would rate the card quality is nearly as good as casino quality, and of the highest quality of any tabletop card game.
  • They are willing to do lower quantities (as low as 500 copies of a game).
  • They were more flexible & accommodating than other manufacturing companies I have dealt with.
  • Communication was clear and timely.

Potential issues

  • Although the experience was positive overall, the main potential issue I will mention is that they require two bank transfers for the payment, which cost me $50 total. This was not something I was aware of until they wanted the first payment. Note that a credit card payment could end up being even more expensive, though.
  • All other significant potential problems were resolved.



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