Camelot Combos

camelot comboA combo is a strong combination of cards. They are cards that synergize in a powerful way. Trying to get a combo is one of the more interesting strategic options when playing Crazier Eights, and Crazier Eights: Camelot has some strong combos. Let’s take a closer look at three types of combos found in Camelot.

1. Malevolent Minions Combos


minion combo

Malevolent Minions causes opponents to draw an extra card when you cause them to draw cards. It does nothing by itself, but it’s better than usual with cards that make more than one opponent draw cards, such as Worldly Wisdom. You get to make both players draw an extra card.

I think it’s even better with Angel of Hope, which is already a strong card. It doubles the Angel’s power. She usually makes a player draw one card whenever you take a new turn. She will make someone draw two cards whenever you take a new turn when you also have Malevolent Minions.

2. King Arthur Combos

arthur combo

King Arthur causes you to win when you start a new turn with four or more assets in play on the table. There’s multiple cards that are good with King Arthur, but Queen Guinevere and Sir Lancelot are my favorites.

Guinevere can get you more assets to speed up your victory by taking an asset from an opponent’s hand every turn. She helps opponents get cards out of their hand, but King Arthur can help you win with her before they have zero cards in  hand.

Lancelot can help one of your assets survive by preventing it from being destroyed every time any would be destroyed. King Arthur is delicate and there’s multiple ways opponents can try to get rid of him, but Lancelot can guarantee his survival from cards that would destroy him.

3. Camelot Combos

camelot combo

Several cards are also good with Camelot. For example, Research causes you to draw three cards and put any three cards from your hand on top of the draw pile. If you have Camelot and play Research, then you could draw two cards using Research, and put any three cards from your hand on top of the draw pile. If you only had one card left in your hand, then this combo causes you to win the game.

However, Merlin is my favorite card to use with Camelot. Merlin causes you to draw a card, then put any two cards from your hand on the bottom of the draw pile whenever you take a new turn. If you have both Camelot and Merlin, then you can draw zero cards from Merlin and still put two cards from your hand on the bottom of the draw pile. If you have two or fewer cards in your hand when you start a turn and you have Camelot and Merlin in play on the table, then you win the game before you even draw a card.



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