Ideas for an Egyptian Expansion

day night2

This expansion will be considered for a stretch goal for the Crazier Eights: Camelot Kickstarter campaign this October 2016.

Right now I am calling it “Valley of the Nile.” The expansion is a collection for around fifteen cards that can be mixed with the Second Edition of the game. The cards could very well be used with the First Edition of the game as well, but two different manufacturers made the First Edition, so the card stock could be somewhat different in quality. Using opaque card sleeves might help avoid that issue.

There are a couple different ways I can make the expansion:

1. The Fifth Color

library of alexandria y01 phoenix y07 priestess of isis

I like the idea of a fifth color. I playtested the idea of a fifth color and it worked well as long as some five colored cards are thrown in the mix. It can make four color cards a little awkward and I’m not sure that the fifth color is as unique as I would like it to be, though. I would like each color to do somewhat different things, even though they can overlap some.

2. New Card Ranks

library of alexandria4 o12 pyramids of giza b12 bazaar of cairo

The Second Edition has the same ranks as a regular Poker deck, which means 10 is the highest numerical rank. The expansion can add higher numbers, such as 11 and 12. Also, I think the Egyptian Expansion would be an appropriate place to have some split cards:

day night2

Right now the split cards function as two color cards except you choose which side to play for the effect when you play them as an event. The Split card titles are unlikely to specifically reference anything Egyptian, but they will feature Egyptian images and they will make sense in an Egyptian context. They are mainly two ideas that go together, like “day” and “night.”

The Expansion cards will have a special symbol to help differentiate them from other cards on the bottom right-hand area next to the copyright information. One issue is that it is very small, so only simple symbols work. So far I am thinking the Ankh works best, even though it is also used for the color symbol of green.

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