Crazier Eights Newsletter

No matter what happens, you can stay informed about any developments using the monthly Crazier Eights newsletter. I prefer that you join here, but you may also use the form below:

Another way to be notified of various updates is to join the Crazier Eights Facebook page, but I often find out that only six to ten percent of people who like the page ever even see any particular post. I’m not sure if the Recoculous twitter updates can be seen any better than that and it depends on how many people you follow.

I am having doubts that the Kickstarter will be a success at this point, but it could be relaunched in the future if necessary. You can use the contact page to let me know if you have any ideas. I will be promoting the game for four days at Pacificon Game Expo, so that might help.

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