August & September Demos

I will post here the dates and locations of the demos I will have at various places. If you are in the Santa Clara/San Jose/Santa Cruz area in California, you can meet me and try out Crazier Eights: Second Edition (as well as the expansions and first edition).

September 4-7 @ Pacificon Game Expo


Santa Clara Marriott Hotel

2700 Mission College Blvd

Santa Clara, CA 95054


  • Fri 9:00AM through Fri 1:00PM
  •  Sat 11:00AM through Sat 1:00PM
  • Sun 11:00AM through Sun 1:00PM
  • Mon 10:00AM through Mon 1:00PM (3 hrs.)

August 28 @ Channel Fireball @ 5:00 PM (Expired)


1650 Coleman Ave

Santa Clara, CA 95050

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