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advanced assets

See the cards above? Those are cards in the Advanced Crazier Eights prototype. If we can get 100 follows on the official Crazier Eights Facebook page within the next five days, then I will make a spoiler for the Advanced Crazier Eights prototype. The Advanced version has 54 different cards — every card has a different effect on the game (and the colors don’t have the same cards). That’s different from the First Edition, which has thirteen different cards, and each of the four colors has the same cards.

The final day of this offer will be Thursday 9-18-2014.

I made a spoiler and print & play available for the Second Edition of Crazier Eights because I got 50 likes on Facebook. Now I am making an offer to get the spoiler for Advanced Crazier Eights.

Crazier Eights: Second Edition PDF Print & Play

new look second edition assetsYou can download a PDF of the Crazier Eights: Second Edition Print & Play here. (Right click, save as.) Note that this is a prototype and that the final version of the game could end up being somewhat different. Two rules cards are included with the print & play, but you could also look at more detailed rules here.

Print & Play games are games you have to print out yourself. To play with these cards, you can print them on cardstock or on paper that you paste onto cards.

All the regular cards in the Second Edition can be viewed online in the Second Edition spoiler.

The Second Edition has one rule not found in the ordinary First Edition rules document: When a player loses the game, that player puts all cards she controls and all cards in her hand on the bottom of the discard pile. Continue reading

Manufacturing Completed

The first print run included the Kickstarter rewards and 100 additional copies of the game to sell, which I got in the mail on August 29th 2014. The second print run was made by AdMagic, and I was happy that they didn’t take long. I paid for them to manufacture the game around August 1st, 2014. It’s been a little over a month since then and I have already got all the copies of the game in the mail. The FedEx service only took five days to deliver all the copies of the game from China, which was also pretty impressive. All the games were in two 55 pound packages, and FedEx tells me that they estimate it would cost $1328.33 to ship it to the USA using the FedEx international economy option. The shipping was included when I paid for the games to be manufactured, and I don’t know if FedEx actually charges less when you are in China. Continue reading

Like Crazier Eights on Facebook

Go here to check out the official Crazier Eights Facebook page. If I get 50 likes (followers) on the Crazier Eights Facebook page, I will make a spoiler and print & play PDF for the Crazier Eights Second Edition prototype freely available. The Second Edition is a lot like the First Edition, but the cards used for each rank are different.

Edit (9/11/14): This idea turned out to be a success! Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen. The Second Edition prototype spoiler can be found here, and the print & play can be found here.

new look second edition assets