Do You Want Crazier Eights at a Store?

Crazier Eights will be mainly sold at specialty stores that sell tabletop games (rather than using online stores). Many of these stores have Magic: the Gathering events, war game events, and events for other collectible card games. If you want Crazier Eights to be at a local store, you can let me know what and where the store is (leaving a comment or the contact page). You can also show the owner the game. If you know the owner, you might want to introduce me to the owner.

If you have a store that you want Crazier Eights to be at, you can use the contact page.

Board Game Geek Advertising Review

I’ve heard that banner advertising for board games tends not to be worth it, but that Board Game Geek offers one of the most effective banner advertising opportunities. Established board game companies are also at an advantage because of their track record, branding, and reputation. People like me are at a disadvantage because I am not known in the industry. This is my first game publication. One question is how effective banner advertising is, and another question is how good of a service Board Game Geek offers. I had some issues with the customer service. Continue reading

Crazier Eights Demos (September & October 2014)

apocalypseI will have more demos for Crazier Eights in the San Jose & Santa Cruz areas, which is your opportunity to meet me (the person who made Crazier Eights) and learn how to play the game. The following demos are currently scheduled:

  • Legends (Capitola): Wednesday September 24, 2014 @5:00 pm
  • Legends (Cupertino): Friday September 26, 2014 @6:00 pm
  • Channel Fireball (Santa Clara/San Jose): Saturday September 27, 2014 @11:00 am
  • Epic Adventure Games (Scotts Valley): Saturday October 4th, 2014 @2:00 pm

Those who come to a demo will get an Apocalypse promo card (while supplies last). Continue reading

Crazier Eights Rulebook

rulebookThe rules for Crazier Eights can be found here. The copies of the game made by the Game Crafter have a rules document folded up with each game (in addition to the rules card). The copies of the game manufactured by AdMagic come with a little rules book about the same size as a card. The PDF file that was used to make these rulebooks can be downloaded here.

Help Promote Crazer Eights

I can use some help promoting Crazier Eights. There are things anyone who has played Crazier Eights can do that can help promote the game. Here are some ideas:

  1. If you own a copy of the game or made the print & play version, you can show it to friends.
  2. Follow the Crazier Eights Facebook page and ask any friends who have played the game if they’d also like to follow it. This is a way to keep up with Crazier Eights news and to give me feedback about it. News can include new versions of the game, print & play versions of the game, spoilers (showing the card images), demos, videos, reviews, and any ideas I have related to the game. (Also, if I get 100 follows on Thursday 9-18-2013, then I will give the spoiler to the Advanced version of the game.)
  3. Crazier Eights is on Board Game Geek, the most popular tabletop game website. You can rate, review, and discuss the game on Board Game Geek. (Scroll down to see how to rate a game on Board Game Geek.)
  4. You can review and talk about the game on your blog, on Facebook, on Twitter, or on Board Game Geek.
  5. You can show people who might be interested in Crazier Eights the Kickstarter campaign here.

Continue reading

Playing on Teams

One rule that I cut from the rules that comes with Crazier Eights is still in the comprehensive rules and it could add a new element to the game that you enjoy:

Players can use teams (with two or three people on each team). When playing in teams, the entire team wins or loses together. Any player who wins on a team causes the whole team to win the game. Any player who loses the game on a team causes the whole team to lose.

I haven’t actually playtested this idea a lot, but I have done it now and then, and seemed to work out pretty well. It adds a new way of playing the game. Having another player “on your side” changes the dynamic of play.

Have any ideas for changing the game around a bit? Try them out, and let us know if it worked out well in the comments.