Ideas for an Egyptian Expansion

day night2Right now I am calling it “Valley of the Nile.” The expansion is a collection for around fifteen cards that can be mixed with the Second Edition of the game. The cards could very well be used with the First Edition of the game as well, but two different manufactuerers made the First Edition, so the card stock could be somewhat different in quality. Using opaque card sleeves might help avoid that issue.

There are a couple different ways I can make the expansion:

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August & September Demos

I will post here the dates and locations of the demos I will have at various places. If you are in the Santa Clara/San Jose/Santa Cruz area in California, you can meet me and try out Crazier Eights: Second Edition (as well as the expansions and first edition).

September 4-7 @ Pacificon Game Expo


Santa Clara Marriott Hotel

2700 Mission College Blvd

Santa Clara, CA 95054


  • Fri 9:00AM through Fri 1:00PM
  • ¬†Sat 11:00AM through Sat 1:00PM
  • Sun 11:00AM through Sun 1:00PM
  • Mon 10:00AM through Mon 1:00PM (3 hrs.)

August 28 @ Channel Fireball @ 5:00 PM (Expired)


1650 Coleman Ave

Santa Clara, CA 95050