Crazier Eights: The Third & Fourth Editions

third editionI might be done with the Second Edition of Crazier Eights, but I will keep an open mind and be willing to make some minor changes. I have also been working on the Third and Fourth editions for Crazier Eights, and those will require a bit more playtesting. Each edition can be played as a stand alone game. However, the Second, Third, and Fourth editions all feature unique cards; and you can combine any of these versions of the games together by shuffling the cards together.

Right now the Third edition of the game has the Arabian Nights theme, and the Fourth edition is mainly just for brainstorming card ideas for other future editions of the game. The Fourth Edition will likely end up with a Biblical, Egyptian, or Greek mythological theme.

Some of my current card ideas can be found below. Continue reading

Crazier Eights: Second Edition Kickstarter Campaign, Reviews, and Playtesters

advanced assetsI am planning on starting the Crazier Eights: Second Edition Kickstarter on August 20th. You can find the current spoiler with all the card images here. The game has been extensively playtested, but it is possible that there will be last minute changes.

If you want to help playtest the game with a gaming group or review it for the kickstarter campaign, you can go here to contact me and let me know. At the very least, there will be a print and play version you can test out, but some reviewers will get a prototype copy of the game that will be manufactured.

I am also thinking of changing the look of the cards to some extent. Go here to take a look, and let me know what you think.

Should the rank & suit area be larger?

I would prefer not to change the size of the rank & suit area on the cards because it gives me more work to do, but it is an option that at least one person suggested at one point. One drawback to a larger area is that it takes up more space of the card image, but I am open to making the change. You can let me know if you would prefer no change, option A, or option B. What do you think?

treasure treasure2 treasure3

Crazier Eights: Second Edition Spoiler

25 titaniaThe First Edition of Crazier eights had thirteen unique cards, and each of them appeared in all four colors. The Second Edition of Crazier Eights has fifty two unique cards. Every card in the set has a different effect, and the increase in variety comes with an even greater number of interesting card interactions. The rules are the same as the First Edition, but some additional rules clarifications will also be available. (Note that this spoiler is of a prototype of the game, so the appearance and cards could change.) Continue reading

Crazier Eights: Alternate Edition Update

7o2There was an update to the Alternate Edition of Crazier Eights. You can see the spoiler here, and the print & play version here.

The Alternate Version of Crazier Eights used to be called the “Second Edition.” However, the Second Edition of the game will now be something else (what I used to call the Advanced version.) I decided that saying a version of the game is Advanced was a bad idea. Dungeons & Dragons used to also be called Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, but Wizards of the Coast decided that was unnecessary as well.