Crazier Eights First Print Run

The Game Crafter finished manufacturing the first print run for Crazier Eights, and some copies will be sold on the web store for $22 each (and free shipping in the USA). Go here to take a look. I believe they also finished making copies for Kickstarter rewards and have sent them all out.

Keep in mind that most of the copies will actually be made by AdMagic during the second print run, which might not be made for months. The Game Crafter charges more for manufacturing the cards, but they are also generally faster than the alternatives.

Also, I would encourage anyone who has played the game to review it. One good place to review the game is on Board Game Geek. Go here to see Crazier Eights on Board Game Geek.

My Initial Experience with AdMagic (And the CMYK color format)

One manufacturer I am using to make copies of Crazier Eights is AdMagic.

What is AdMagic and why use them?

AdMagic is a manufacturing company that makes board games (such as Cards Against Humanity) and probably other things as well. They can manufacture things in the USA, but larger orders are manufactured in China. However, paying a manufacturer to order things from China can actually be quite expensive and problematic. You have to deal with customs, deal with shipping huge crates of stuff across the ocean, and so on. It can cost a couple thousand dollars to have things shipped by boat from China. Continue reading

Initial Experience With the Game Crafter’s Order Fulfillment

I am using the Game Crafter for fulfilling the Crazier Eights Kickstarter rewards in addition to producing one hundred extra copies of the game. A strong incentive to use the Game Crafter’s bulk order fulfillment process is that it doesn’t cost anything more than the copies of the game and shipping. If I used Amazon’s order fulfillment, I would have to pay around $3 more to have each copy of the game sent out, and I would have to pay to have several copies of the game shipped to Amazon. There are three other main issues worth talking about concerning the Game Crafter’s order fulfillment process: (1) the cost, (2) how they handle special Kickstarter promotional items, and (3) how they handle corrected mistakes. Continue reading

The Cost of Manufacturing Crazier Eights

I paid to manufacture Crazier Eights and send copies out for Kickstarter Rewards from the Game Crafter ($2329.74) and AdMagic (2,742.75).  The total cost of manufacturing and fulfilling rewards will be $5072.49. (That does not include the costs of prototypes, copies to reviewers, advertising, etc.) The Game Crafter is charging about $6.76 for each copy of the regular version and $7.77 for each copy of the Limited Edition (without shipping), and AdMagic is charging around $5.50 for each copy of the game (including shipping). Continue reading

Permanents are Assets

g2cI decided to go with the word ‘Asset’ rather than ‘Permanent.’ The rules are not changed, but the terminology is changed. I asked people what they thought. Very few people preferred Permanent, some preferred Ongoing, and the most preferred Asset. Why? One big reason is that “Permanent” is already used in Magic, and Asset is a more unique option. Another reason is because it has a little more flavor. But also, it describes what the cards are. They are yours. They can be attained, they can be continually used, but they can also be lost.

Also, I like that we can say “I play an event” or “I play an asset.” It sounds strange to say “I play a permanent” or “I play an ongoing” because those are adjectives. Both events and assets are nouns.

It will take time to make a new spoiler with the new terminology, to update the rules, to update all the cards, and to make sure the Game Crafter has the updated files. I have already made a lot of progress, so it might be pretty much finished tomorrow.

This is likely the last change to the game before it gets manufactured, which I hope to pay for in the next day or two.

Permanent, Ongoing, or Asset?

Some friends thought it would be a good idea to use the card type “Asset” or “Ongoing” rather than “Permanent.” The rules would stay the same, but the card type would just be called something else. Some people might think the term “permanent” is too much like Magic: the Gathering. It would take some time to change all the cards and rules.

What do you think? I will make a decision two days from now (on Tuesday Night).

g2c g2c g2b

Accessing Kickstarter Funds — The 14 Day Window

One frustrating thing Kickstarter doesn’t make very clear is that you don’t have access to the money of your successful Kickstarter campaign for 14 days after it ends. It says something about it right when you accept their terms and conditions to start the campaign. Well, you are supposed to say when rewards are given out before that, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some rewards are given late because of somewhat unexpected days like that. Continue reading