Thoughts on More Promo Cards (Updated)

celestial dragonI now have quite a few ideas for promo cards and I could include some of them in an pledge reward level along with the deck of Crazier Eights. Additionally, I could make them available as an add-on for those who have already made a pledge. These ideas were inspired by some of the information provided by Jamey Stegmaier, who explained how well exclusive content can help a Kickstarter project and he suggested the following:

Delineate an exclusive reward from your anchor price at a level that is good for everyone: The classic example of this is on the project Fleet (see image on the right). Fleet has an anchor price of $20 for the base game. That got 16 backers. You could also pledge $23 and get 8 limited edition cards. 6 backers there. Or you could pay $25 and get those limited edition cards, plus a few more Kickstarter exclusive licenses cards. Check out the number of backers there. 946 backers!

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