Thoughts on More Promo Cards (Updated)

celestial dragonI now have quite a few ideas for promo cards and I could include some of them in an pledge reward level along with the deck of Crazier Eights. Additionally, I could make them available as an add-on for those who have already made a pledge. These ideas were inspired by some of the information provided by Jamey Stegmaier, who explained how well exclusive content can help a Kickstarter project and he suggested the following:

Delineate an exclusive reward from your anchor price at a level that is good for everyone: The classic example of this is on the project Fleet (see image on the right). Fleet has an anchor price of $20 for the base game. That got 16 backers. You could also pledge $23 and get 8 limited edition cards. 6 backers there. Or you could pay $25 and get those limited edition cards, plus a few more Kickstarter exclusive licenses cards. Check out the number of backers there. 946 backers!

I am thinking of using up to three of these cards as promos for a special edition of the game, and I am leaning on the rainbow colored cards. You can let me know if any of these potential promo cards appeal to you. You can click on a card to see the image in more detail.

celestial dragon summon paradisesorcery foreknowledge birds of paradise

wizards tome sacred lotus crown of dominance annihilation

The rainbow cards have every color, so they can always be discarded. When on top of the discard pile, the next card that is discarded can have any color.

The gray cards have no color and might be a little more tricky. They can’t be discarded, but if they end up on top of the discard pile, then the next card that is discarded can have any color.

Finally, I checked with the Game Crafter to find out how to manufacture certain rewards just to certain reward levels. They said I should be able to get the bulk order discount for the games that have extra promotional cards, but that I would have to treat it as a different game. (They make you set up each game separately.)

crazier banner2

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