Effective Banner Advertising, Part 2

300x250f6Board Game Geek recently started to advertise for me (for a price). I had a good click through rate, but it wasn’t translated to many pledges. I changed the ads and tried to learn about how to make them more effective. We will see how that works out.

TheĀ  main tips that caught my attention were the following:

  1. Keep things simple. Avoid clutter/complexity.
  2. Have a call to action (perhaps on a button)
  3. Consider integrating the website theme to blend in with the website more.
  4. Find a font that has the right appeal.

You can send them several ads, and they favor ads with a high click through rate. So, they try to help you use the most effective ads and mainly use the most effective ones. Of course, ads that that actually lead to a pledge on Kickstarter can be more difficult to figure out.

More details can be seen below.

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