FAQ Update

percival comboSix new questions were added to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). If you have any other questions you want me to add or disagree with my answer, let me know. You can find the complete list here.

18. Can you win before the end of your turn?

Yes, the end of your turn is a phase, and you can win before that phase. For example, you can win with zero cards in your hand before you lose to Thin Ice.

19. If you gain control of Camelot with Morgause, can you skip your draw?

Yes, Camelot can change Morgause’s ability while you use the ability.

20. Can Sir Lancelot, Princess Isolde, Stone Troll, and Sir Bedivere protect assets more than once?

Yes. Whenever an ability would destroy assets, these cards allow you to protect one asset from being destroyed. That can happen when two card abilities would destroy assets in the same turn.

21. What cards do you control when you use Strength in Numbers?

You control the asset cards that you have in play on the table. You don’t control cards that are in your hand.

22. Can I play a card that has the wrong color?

Yes, but you can only discard an eight or a card when it matches the top card of the discard pile’s color or rank.

23. Can you win the game during a card ability before it resolves?

No, you can only win after you discard your last card, before a card ability resolves, or after a card ability resolves. For example, when you play Round Table, you shuffle everyone’s hand together. You technically have zero cards in your hand for a moment during the card ability. You have to finish the card’s ability before you can win, though.

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