Avalon Combos

elven sorceress comboI didn’t design Crazier Eights: Avalon with many combos in mind, but it ended up having a few interesting combinations of cards anyway. And one of the combos is very powerful — possibly able to get you a first turn win. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Caelia & Percival Combo

percival combo

Caelia & Percival provide a subtle combo. They both have a power to reveal the top card of the draw pile at the beginning of your turn, and give you a free asset if it has one of the right colors. If not, you put it back on top or on bottom of the draw pile.

The reason these cards work well together is because you can use one and see if it will have one of the right colors. If not, you can put it on the bottom and look for a card that has a right color. For example, if you use Sir Percival first and the top card is blue, it’s the wrong color. In that case you put it on the bottom of the draw pile before you use Queen Caelia. It gives you an extra chance to find a green and/or purple asset. If you get a green or purple asset, put it into play on the table.

2. Tristan & Isolde Combo

isolde combo

This combo is basically obvious. Princess Isolde says she gives you an extra discard during your turn as long as you also control Sir Tristan (i.e. you have them both in play on the table). However, it’s also noteworthy to mention that Princess Isolde protects red assets from being destroyed, so this combo of assets is a bit more resilient than usual.

3. Elven Sorceress Combo

elven sorceress combo

The most powerful combo in Crazier Eights: Avalon is Elven Princess, Spellcraft, and another event — such as Arcane Wisdom.

Elven Princess gives you an extra discard during your turn whenever you play an event. Elven Princess is basically a combo with any event, but it’s way more powerful with certain event cards. You can usually only play one event during your turn, but both Spellcraft and Arcane Wisdom can get around that restriction.

Spellcraft is an event that searches the draw pile for another event and plays it. Arcane wisdom is an event that plays an event card from the top five cards of your draw pile.

If you have Elven Princess and you play Spellcraft, Arcane Research, and one other event, then you have at least three additional cards to discard. However, some events in Avalon also give you two extra discards, so this combo has a chance to give you five additional cards to discard. (There’s a chance for even more discards as well, but I will let you figure it out.)



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