Crazier Eights: Avalon Information

avalon cards2Crazier Eights: Avalon is a small stand alone version of Crazier Eights inspired by the stories of King Arthur. It can be played as a stand alone 2-3 player game, or mixed into Crazier Eights: Camelot for up to six players. It contains 33 cards — 13 multicolored cards & five cards of each color. (Retail Price: $10.)

It is official that Avalon will be made, and it will be released with Crazier Eights: Camelot. The estimated release date is October 20th.

Check out all the cards here.

You can order it along with Camelot here.

avalon cards4

Deck Box

avalon box front back2

Rules Card

avalon rules cards

The full rule book can be found here.


Review by Nonstop Tabletop

(Text) “The publisher and designer, James Gray, is clearly passionate about his game, dedicated to the hobby and invested in making sure his games provide a fun and unique player experience.”

Review By David Wiley (Cardboard Clash)

(Text) This game has the feel of a Fluxx game combined with a card game, but it is far less chaotic than Fluxx. The goal remains the same throughout, and there is a clear path to get there. There is some randomness in there, but it never feels like you’re winning or losing due to blind luck (which is something I’ve definitely felt while playing a Fluxx game).



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