Review of Crazier Eights: Camelot by Two Gun Pixie

Two Gun Pixie have a live play video of Crazier Eights: Camelot here, and they have a review of the game as well. The reviewers ultimately liked the game and the expansions I sent them, which will be stretch goals. The game was rated as 3 Pixies (Will Play Again).

They said the mechanics seemed similar to the take that type of mechanic (which harm the strength of others) without being one. I do think there is some take that type of mechanic involved, but I suspect they want to emphasize that the take that type of cards did not tend to spin out of control or become a “win more” type of problem. They were not overly impressed with the packaging quality, and I will look into my options for that. They enjoyed the art, theme, and point out how easy the game is to understand. They also said, “Even more experienced and hard core tabletop gamers should enjoy this well-themed update to Crazy Eights as it makes a fun filler game to play while waiting for those few players to show up for game night.

The reviewers also enjoyed both expansions I sent (Valley of the Nile and Eternity), and said they are a must have.

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