Crazier Eights Reviews (First Edition)

front and back2Here are all the reviews I know about for Crazier Eights (First Edition) at this point in time.

Review by Cyrus Kirby (Father Geek)

  • Overall: Gamer Geek mixed, Parent Geek approved, Child approved
  • Crazier Eights would appear to be a very simple game with some interesting twists. Basic hand management and critical thinking will play a role, but there are also some interesting combos that can be created. I think this will appeal to pretty much everyone we will sit down with. Although, similarities to UNO and Crazy Eights might give players an initial wrong impression.”

Review by Richard Miles (Board Game Authority)

  • Overall Rating: B
  • “Overall the game is fun, easy to teach, and works decently well as a light filler game.”

Review by Rob Cramer (Cardboard Republic)

  • Overall, he didn’t like it.
  • “Crazier Eights is like the lion / snake hybrids on the cover. Separate, its game mechanisms are basic, uncomplicated, and make sense on paper. But combined with strange use of traditional art and even stranger design decisions, Crazier Eights comes off as half casual game and half fantasy nightmare. It has feet in both worlds but is wholly wanted by neither. This gateway game doesn’t really fit in anywhere.”

Preview/Review by Jeff Provine (Blog Critics, of a prototype)

  • Overall Rating: 88/100
  • “With a solid system and great art, Crazier Eights is an excellent addition to a gaming collection.”

Video Preview by Nick (Board Game Brawl, of a Prototype)

  • “There’s a lot of different elements to this game that normal card games don’t have… If you are into this type of card game, you know, easy to learn but difficult to master, it’s something you should consider checking out.”

Preview/Review by Elizabeth (Daisy Doodle Dice, of a prototype)

  • “It’s fun that the game has a little more meat to it with the ability to play cards that do something, rather than just discard. You don’t have to discard in this game though, but you want to because you only win if you get rid of your cards first, so sometimes you have to be willing to discard good cards to get rid of more cards. It’s an interesting dynamic.”

You can buy Crazier Eights here.

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