Permanents are Assets

g2cI decided to go with the word ‘Asset’ rather than ‘Permanent.’ The rules are not changed, but the terminology is changed. I asked people what they thought. Very few people preferred Permanent, some preferred Ongoing, and the most preferred Asset. Why? One big reason is that “Permanent” is already used in Magic, and Asset is a more unique option. Another reason is because it has a little more flavor. But also, it describes what the cards are. They are yours. They can be attained, they can be continually used, but they can also be lost.

Also, I like that we can say “I play an event” or “I play an asset.” It sounds strange to say “I play a permanent” or “I play an ongoing” because those are adjectives. Both events and assets are nouns.

It will take time to make a new spoiler with the new terminology, to update the rules, to update all the cards, and to make sure the Game Crafter has the updated files. I have already made a lot of progress, so it might be pretty much finished tomorrow.

This is likely the last change to the game before it gets manufactured, which I hope to pay for in the next day or two.

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