Custom Card Reward

you make2I will now have a reward level for the Crazier Eights Kickstarter to get your own custom card. You will get four copies of the unique card (possibly one for each color). You choose the art, name, and text (with certain restrictions).  This is a limited offer — only twenty people can get this reward and it will be no longer available after 2 July 2014.

The card will use art that you have made or photographed, or art that you find that I can confirm to be in the public domain. The card must not violate intellectual property laws and it must be appropriate for children.

These cards will likely have a symbol on the bottom right-hand side to differentiate them from the regular cards.

You have the following choices for the card coloring: You can make a multicolored card (with two, three, or four colors) or you can have a card that has one color (in all four colors with a rank and suit like the normal cards).

You could use this option to change one of the cards that are already used for the game: You can change the name, image, and/or text of a card that is already included.

It is likely that these rewards will be given out separately from the other rewards. You could end up getting the regular version of the game in the mail before getting the custom card.

Also note that this reward level automatically gives me permission to use the card or some element of the card for Crazier Eights (as a promo, as a card in an expansion, etc.) It is also possible that I have already thought of similar cards for expansions or promo cards.

You can contact me before or after choosing this reward level to tell me what you would want the card to be.

custom card

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